Dark Chocolate Toffee – Sea Salt

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All-natural dark chocolate toffee with sea salt. Just like our milk toffee, our secret recipe delights even the most prudent toffee connoisseur. Smooth, buttery toffee loaded with whole almonds, covered in dark chocolate, sprinkled with crushed almonds and Maldon Sea Salt–a best-seller in the shop. A perfect gift or indulgence! Naturally gluten free, soy-free Ingredients here. One minute podcast review here

6 reviews for Dark Chocolate Toffee – Sea Salt

  1. Joan Vinson (verified owner)

    I am a chocoholic. This chocolate candy is my favorite!

  2. Enalia

    Delicious! Delicious!

  3. Glyn Moulton

    Incredible! It changed my life !!

  4. Kit Vinson (verified owner)

    If you don’t get a pound of this stuff and snarf it down in one sitting, you may not be human. It’s that good.

  5. kathleen a burnum


  6. kathleen a burnum

    loved it

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