How long does your chocolate last?

We have a 6-month expiration date on all products, although they may last longer when refrigerated.

Is there soy in your chocolate?

There's no soy in any products made at The Chocolate Therapist. We do bring in a couple of outside brands that use soy lecithin, however. Please read the ingredient information available in the product description.

Do you have vegan chocolate?

Yes, all of our dark chocolate is vegan. We have a "Vegan" tab on the website that will give you every available vegan product.

Is your product gluten-free?

Yes, we are a gluten-free facility.

What is the most popular gift?

The Best-Seller Bundle

How long does shipping take?

It depends on the area it's shipped to. We ship Priority Mail, so generally 1-3 days. Holiday shipping is longer, from 1-5 days. We also insulate and ice most shipments.

Do you ship to hot areas?

We ship as long as it's not higher than 90 degrees. Any higher than that and we generally hold the shipment until it's cooler. Every package is insulated and iced in the summer.

Do you ship to foreign countries?

No, we're not able to ship outside the US due to the ship time as well as possible extended exposure to heat.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

Yes, we have same-day delivery within the Denver area, and all shipments can be sent overnight for an extra shipping fee.

Do you have caramel apples?

Yes, we make those from mid-August to mid-November. They're made with an all-natural house recipe (no corn syrup), and then generally sell out daily (25-50 /day). Please call ahead for large orders.

Do you sell wine?

Yes, we sell the wine that we use in our chocolate and wine pairing classes, along with a few other popular wines that pair with chocolate.

Can you drop-ship to a gift list?

Yes, we'll drop ship to everyone on your gift list with a note from you or your own personal cards. Everything can be customized.

Can you do custom molds?

Yes, we can make almost anything. We connect you with our mold manufacturer to develop the mold, and then we'll pour the chocolate when your molds arrive. Cost depends on size of chocolate.

Do you do wedding or party favors?

Yes, we can work with any budget, and the most popular are 2-piece and 4-piece favors. Boxes and ribbons can be ordered in different colors to tie in with your event.

Do you do private label?

No, we don't offer private label. However, we can make custom labels for your company or event, and we always include The Chocolate Therapist manufacturing information.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Occasionally we're able to offer discounts for early holiday orders or large orders during our off season. Since all of our chocolate is hand-crafted and hand-packaged, we don't have a major discount program because it still costs a considerable amount to produce it. However, we strive to have well-priced chocolate to start with, and often times other companies' heavily discounted price is the same as our regularly priced chocolate.

Do you do private chocolate and wine classes?

Yes, we can host those either at the store or at your location. Tea is also available for non-drinkers. Please call the store for more information.

Do you ship wine?

No, we're not able to ship wine with our liquor license. However, we work with a winery that ships our luxury chocolate and wine gift-sets, which do contain wine.

What is your most popular product?

Dark chocolate sea salt caramels, made with our house-recipe all-natural caramel and red Hawaiian sea salt.

What are the three most popular chocolate bars?

Down by the Sea Salt, Going to the Dark Side, Berried in Chocolate