Milk Chocolate Toffee – Regular

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Milk chocolate toffee, awarded “Denver’s Best Toffee,” delights even the most prudent toffee connoisseur. Smooth, buttery toffee loaded with whole almonds, covered in milk chocolate and sprinkled liberally with crushed almonds…a perfect gift or indulgence! Ingredients here. One minute podcast review here

Also available with Maldon Sea Salt–a best-seller in the shop.

7 reviews for Milk Chocolate Toffee – Regular

  1. Cindy C Levine

    Best chocolate. Received from a family friend as a gift, brought back to Dayton Ohio. Family LOVED it.

  2. Monique

    I bought a pack of 2 toffee milk chocolate patties. They were scrumptious. I plan to order 2 boxes. Delicious!

  3. Monica L TRANSIER (verified owner)

    best toffee you can buy ANYWHERE!

  4. Leslie Mixdorf

    Bought it at your shop on Littleton so good 👍 Got some for Xmas for a gift it’s the best toffee ever! Wonderful!

  5. Arlea Carmack

    I plan on gifting this yummy candy to my family next Christmas. Thank YOU. I am looking for the nutrition information on it for calorie, carb, and protein counting.

  6. Mary Jane Curtis

    My sister and I met for lunch across the street from your shop, so we decided to stop by afterwards. She has frequented your store many times, but for me it was a first. I surely was not disappointed; upon entering, the smell of “sweet” success was apparent. We even got a chance to visit briefly with the daughter of one of our dear friends who works there. As we were perusing your fine selection of chocolates, my sister mentioned that the toffee is delicious, so I picked up a small box of them and a large box of the assorted chocolates. I am going to try to hide the large box from my husband until Valentine’s Day, but I couldn’t resist opening up the box of toffees; we are thoroughly enjoying them! Thank you, chocolatiers for all of your hard work and for staying open in the midst of difficult times. Keep up the great work and God bless y’all!

  7. Belinda Guerette

    I return to this store again and again for this toffee! It really is the most decadent chocolate ever and makes a perfect gift. I recently bought the wrong chocolate, and the store sent me the chocolate I wanted very quickly. Great customer service AND chocolate!

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