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7 Habits of Highly Effective Chocolate Connoisseurs

Posted July 18, 2023

  1. Photo of red wine and chocolates by The Chocolate Therapist.
  2. *Extraordinary taste is paramount! Just because chocolate is beautiful doesn’t mean it tastes great…aka, you might buy it the first time because it’s pretty, but you’ll never buy it again because it’s boring.
  3. *Clean ingredient chocolate is a requirement, not an option. Food dyes, preservatives and artificial ingredients belong in hotdogs, Twinkies, Spam and the like.
  4. *Is 7 am “too early” for a great piece of chocolate? No.
  5. *When it comes to style, brown is the new black. Tops, slacks, accessories, jewelry…everything looks rich and sophisticated in a shade of brown. An added benefit: if you spill a bit of chocolate on your outfit, no one will know.
  6. *There is no limit to the bounds you’ll go to find the best chocolate in the world. Switzerland, Belgium, Argentina, Croatia, Peru, Madagascar? Wherever you are in the world, you’re looking for the best chocolate.
  7. *You have excellent discipline, not only to keep from overindulging, but also not to waste a single bite on marginal chocolate. Your standards are high, you don’t waver, and you’d rather go hungry than eat bad chocolate.
  8. *The cost of your chosen indulgence is of no object. There are a lot of other highly expensive things you could be buying (jewelry, cars, land), so you’re actually saving money by not compromising on the exact chocolate you want to enjoy.

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