Ciao Cacao European Style Sipping Chocolate

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Introducing Ciao Cacao, a thick, rich, European-style sipping chocolate. This is an original house recipe we crafted for chocolate-industry newcomer Ciao Cacao, made with all-natural ingredients and organic flavoring oils…it’s like drinking chocolate velvet! The unique flavors are beautifully balanced and subtle, providing the perfect opportunity for pairing adventures with wine, spirits and coffee, although each flavor is fabulous on its own as well. Choose flavors in the drop-down menu: Raspberry, cinnamon, orange. Also vegan, soy-free and gluten-free. 12 oz bottles (suggested serving, 2 oz).

2 reviews for Ciao Cacao European Style Sipping Chocolate

  1. Scot H

    This is my new favorite thing in life! Seriously decadent and absolutely delicious. I’m going to try putting a bit in some good merlot. I had raspberry, and next I’m getting mintoxication.

  2. Mary Schoals

    Honestly the closest thing to what we had in Paris. So delicious, and great for a little sip to curb the cravings.

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