Beer Pairing Collection

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Chocolate for pairing with beer: Extraordinary handcrafted chocolate collection made with all-natural chocolate, spices and organic flavoring oils, the perfect collection for your own chocolate and beer pairing. Need ideas? See our chocolate and beer pairing video on Chocolate Therapist TV.

You’ll find flavors you’ve never experienced before like all-natural peanut butter cups, and meltaways infused with organic flavoring oils – Irish Cream, Black Cherry, Lemon, Orange, Plum, Peanut Butter, Raspberry, Chai, Sangria, Key Lime, Milk Orange, Apricot, Maple, Amaretto, Cappuccino, Hazelnut, and Mulling Spice. *Not all flavors come in each box. Alcohol not included. Ingredients here.

1 review for Beer Pairing Collection

  1. Rachel L Irvin

    Received this for Christmas. it is excellent. The book Dare to Pair was so interesting and informative. I now so enjoy the tasting of both wine and chocolate. I did not do the beer pairings.

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