Assorted Dark Chocolate Collection

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Extraordinary handcrafted chocolate made with all-natural chocolate, nuts, spices and organic flavoring oils. You’ll find chocolates you’ve never experienced before like all-natural peanut butter cups, raspberry melts, chai, sangria, black cherry, sweet plum, caramels, gourmet nuts and more. Ingredients here. Available in 16 piece and 25 piece gift boxes.


3 reviews for Assorted Dark Chocolate Collection

  1. cary watson

    Best dark chocolate box I have had in years.. I do not remember a better.

  2. Stephen Kollar (verified owner)

    I give it to my friends and family on special occasions and they all tell me it is the best dark chocolate they have ever tasted. I think so too.

  3. Lana Baker

    Really good tasting chocolate, every piece was an indulgent treat!

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