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Chocolate for Dad?

Posted June 6, 2023

A box of chocolates is the perfect gift for mom, but what about dad? I actually think Father’s Day is one of the hardest gift buying holidays of the year. I never knew what to get my dad. Most dads buy everything they want for themselves, leaving us gift givers without an option. Dads that don’t buy everything usually say they don’t want anything. Way to go dad, now what are we supposed to get? Over the years, I’ve come up with a collection of gifts that every dad can use, even if he says we doesn’t want anything or already has everything. And although I’m writing this for Father’s Day, feel free to steal a few of these ideas for Christmas too, and maybe even dad’s birthday.

  1. Chocolate. A box of handcrafted, all-natural whisky-pairing chocolates from The Chocolate Therapist and a small bottle of his favorite whisky. This can gift can be adjusted to the beer or wine pairing collection for dads that enjoy those libations, or even the tea pairing box for your non-drinking dads.
  2. Sunglasses. It’s easy to discover what dad likes by simply noting what he’s already wearing. This gift can also be tailored according to your budget. Did you know Home Depot has $20 shades? If you want to go all out, maybe a pair of Maui Jim’s. Apparently the best sunglasses for men (2023) are right here.
  3. Dinner for 2, at the best place you can afford. Even if he’s not married, he has to eat, and it’s always nice to have dinner with a friend.
  4. Got an unlimited budget? Check out Virgin Experiences for everything from the Adventures to the Foodie to the Aviator to the Gearhead.
  5. Chocolate. Of course I’m coming back to chocolate. It’s affordable, the stash always needs to be replenished, it’s non-political and won’t cause a ruckus, and if you eat healthy dark chocolate (all-natural, 70%+), it can actually be good for you. Go dad!

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