The Chocolate Therapist Book

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Written to entertain as well as educate, this newly updated (2018) resource for chocolate lovers includes over 60 alphabetized ailments with research on how chocolate can help, websites, recipes, history of chocolate and more. There’s also a chapter on how to pair chocolate and wine, as well as a hilarious chapter called “Where Do You Hide Your Chocolate?” More chocolate fun on The Chocolate Therapist podcast, and see Julie’s TEDx presentation on the health benefits of chocolate here.

If you would like the KINDLE edition, click HERE to go to the Amazon website.

3 reviews for The Chocolate Therapist Book

  1. Victoria Schafer

    I love this book. I had the good fortune to meet Julie when I was in Co. at one of her seminars

  2. ron myers

    just friends like you!!!!

  3. Judy

    I recieved some of your chocolate as a Christmas gift. It is the creamiest best tasting dark chocolate I have ever had. I am now ruined on all other chocolate!

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