Chocolate Soiree – Paperback


Chocolate Soiree: How to Throw the Ultimate Chocolate Party

PARTY IN A BOOK!   Written by Chocolate Therapist owner Julie Pech for her international cruise ship presentations, this book contains everything you need to know to host an intriguing and entertaining chocolate party.

* Ideas for All Kinds of Themes
* A free CD of PDF’s to print everything included here
* A Week-by-Week Planning Guide
* Instructions on How to Eat Chocolate Properly
* Fun Chocolate Facts to Include in Your Party
* A Brief History of Chocolate
* How Chocolate is Made from Bean to Bar
* All About Cacao Trees
* Chocolate Party Kit Resource
* Chocolate Trivia Game
* Chocolate Connoisseur’s Achievement Certificate
* Chocolate Dictionary
* Chocolate Sample Rating Sheet

Also available in KINDLE, directly from AMAZON – click here


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