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Chocolate Bars and Wine Pairing

Posted March 18, 2016

Traditional Decadence  Smooth milk chocolate Pair with: Chardonnay, Grenache, Moscato Cowz Gone Nuts  Milk chocolate with sliced almonds Pair with: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Chenin Blanc Going to the Dark Side  Milk chocolate layered over 55% dark chocolate Pair with: Champagne, Merlot, Beaujolais Center of the Universe  55% dark chocolate bar […]

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NEW! Chocolate Themed Gift Wrap

Posted April 17, 2014

Need a quick gift?  These beautifully wrapped boxes of all natural chocolates are READY-to-GO! Extraordinary handcrafted chocolates made with all-natural chocolate, organic flavoring oils, nuts and spices. You’ll find chocolates you’ve never experienced before like all-natural peanut butter cups, raspberry melts, black cherry melts, Irish creams, all-natural caramels, hazelnut melts, gourmet […]

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Showcase Products

Posted January 2, 2014

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Warm & Cozy on a Snowy Day

Posted December 4, 2013

It’s one of these special Colorado days… the snow is floating down in fat, fluffy flakes.  Come in and warm up with gourmet coffee, hot chocolate or a nice cup of tea!

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Holiday Baskets all in a row

Posted November 29, 2013

Come in and design your own custom basket!  Here is an order all lined up and ready to go.

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Dare to Pair!

Posted November 27, 2013

WINE & CHOCOLATE PAIRING: Our Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Meltaways and a Jammy Wine “When wines have a great intensity of fruit from excellent ripeness they can be jammy, which is a very concentrated, flavorful wine with superb extract.”  -Robert Parker Some examples of jammy wines include zinfandel, grenache, cabernet franc and […]

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