The Chocolate Therapist Gift Set

Chocolate Bar Gift Set with Book

The Chocolate Therapist gift set is the ultimate one-stop shopping for all the chocolate lovers in your life. The tasteful set includes a signed copy of “The Chocolate Therapist” and five handcrafted, all-natural chocolate bars. We’ve selected 5 of our top sellers for each set, but choose your own by adding your request to the “comments” of your order. (For example, all dark, or list your choices).

  • “Extreme Therapy” All natural 72% dark chocolate and imported organic cacao nibs for a powerful antioxidant boost.
  • “Down by the Sea Salt” All natural 55% dark chocolate combined with sliced almonds and Maldon Sea Salt–our best-selling bar.
  • “Berried in Chocolate” All-natural 55% dark chocolate with cranberries, blueberries and cherries.
  • “Blue Suede ‘Shews” All-natural 72% dark chocolate with roasted cashews and blueberries.
  • “Going to the Dark Side” A milk lover’s dark—all natural 35% milk chocolate layered over 55% dark chocolate, designed to help hedge the milk chocolate lover’s heart toward the healthier dark side.

When you send this set as a chocolate gift, it arrives without a receipt and a tasteful note stating that the gift is from you.

Price: $24.95