The Zen Mama’s Book of Quotes- Book by Betsy McKee Henry


The Zen Mama's Book of Quotes, A Collection of Thoughts and Wisdom Throughout the Ages by Betsy McKee Henry

“The Zen Mama's Book of Quotes is the ideal follow up to Betsy's first book, How to be a Zen Mama.  It's clever layout proves that Betsy is in fact a master of her own words of wisdom.  I actually felt happier as I read through her beautiful collection of quotes, ad they helped me remember how many times I've has to just let go, trust the unknown, and rely on inner strength.  The last chapter is also wonderfully fitting: Following your path.  It's almost like a loving send-off as you put down the book and forge ahead into the creation of your own unique life.” -Julie Pech  (Owner of The Chocolate Therapist.


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