The Last Damn Diet

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Julie Nygard, owner of The Chocolate Therapist, has studied nutrition for more than 25 years. After speaking about nutrition and the health benefits of chocolate for many years, Julie wrote The LAST Damn Diet: A Step by Step Guide to End Your War with Food Forever to address the hundreds of requests from people to know the “secrets” to weight loss and weight maintenance. In this book, she shares the best of what she’s learned from not only research, but also from experimenting personally to see what truly works.
• Learn how to balance brain chemistry using amino acids to reduce sweet cravings and emotional overeating.
• Design your own custom-tailored lifestyle that naturally results in your ideal body weight.
• Learn how to find the information you need to help reduce doctor visits, prescription costs, and medical expenses.
• How to revitalize your body at the cellular level.

Download the kindle version here.

Listen to Julie’s podcast, 9-Minute Nutrition here.

1 review for The Last Damn Diet

  1. Roger Shepherd

    Great book and videos. Short and sweet

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