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I began writing this book in 2018, long before a pandemic changed every life on earth. Shortly after starting, I almost died from a fast-moving infection (story is in the back of the book). That event catapulted me into realizing how important it is to honor our purpose. Now more than ever is the time to truly think about what we’re doing!

Life Overhaul: What Are You Waiting For? includes:
The most important first step to change your life
Questionnaires to help you know what you want right now
Techniques for overcoming fears and pushing forward
How to hijack your subconscious mind for long-term change
How to adjust your self-talk for more self-esteem
How to align your conscious & subconscious mind to your purpose
Stories of people who have overhauled their lives

You can also listen to every chapter of this book on the Life Overhaul podcast or on Spotify.

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