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Happy Birthday Tower

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birthday gift for chocolate lovers!

Celebrate a birthday with this special delivery!  The Happy Birthday Tower includes a customized 7 ounce “birthday check” of solid chocolate, 1/2 pound gift box of meltaways, 1/2 pound gift box of our award winning toffee, 2 Chocolate Therapist bars and an 8 oz. bag of our exclusive Mandala coffee.  Stacked and tied with a ribbon and the option to include a personalized gift card.  Choose milk chocolate, dark chocolate or mixed from the drop down menu below.  Be sure to write the name of the birthday recipient in the note section if you’d like the chocolate check personalized, plus the text you’d like in the card.

Price: from $43.95

The Chocolate Therapist Book

Giftsets & Books

Written to entertain as well as educate, this one-stop resource for chocolate lovers includes over 60 alphabetized ailments with research on how chocolate can help, websites, recipes, history of chocolate and more. There’s also complete guide on how to pair chocolate with wine, including 40 wines with 3 pairings each.  For a good laugh, read the hilarious chapter “Where Do You Hide Your Chocolate?”

If you would like the KINDLE edition, click HERE to go to the Amazon website.

Price: $14.95

Dare to Pair - Paperback

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Dare to Pair … The Bible of Chocolate & Wine!

Signed by The Chocolate Therapist owner and author Julie Pech, the book includes 40 wines with three chocolate pairings each. Includes information about growing regions, grape flavors, how to taste wine, how to use the proper glass for each wine, how to eat chocolate properly when pairing with wine, recipes and more.

also AVAILABLE in KINDLE directly from AMAZON – click here

Price: $11.95

Chocolate Soiree - Paperback

Giftsets & Books
Chocolate book 04

Chocolate Soiree: How to Throw the Ultimate Chocolate Party

PARTY IN A BOOK!   Written by Chocolate Therapist owner Julie Pech for her international cruise ship presentations, this book contains everything you need to know to host an intriguing and entertaining chocolate party.

* Ideas for All Kinds of Themes
* A free CD of PDF’s to print everything included here
* A Week-by-Week Planning Guide
* Instructions on How to Eat Chocolate Properly
* Fun Chocolate Facts to Include in Your Party
* A Brief History of Chocolate
* How Chocolate is Made from Bean to Bar
* All About Cacao Trees
* Chocolate Party Kit Resource
* Chocolate Trivia Game
* Chocolate Connoisseur’s Achievement Certificate
* Chocolate Dictionary
* Chocolate Sample Rating Sheet

Also available in KINDLE, directly from AMAZON – click here

Price: $10.95

The LAST Damn Diet

Giftsets & Books
Chocolate book 2

Kindle version HERE

The LAST Damn Diet: A Step by Step Guide to End Your War with Food Forever gives you the power to:
• Learn how to balance your brain chemistry using amino acids to end food cravings, destructive thought patterns, and unhealthy eating habits.
• End your war with food and live at your ideal weight.
• Design a custom-tailored lifestyle for YOU that naturally results in your ideal body weight.
• Learn how to find the information you need to help reduce doctor visits, prescription costs, and medical expenses.
• Find the tools and gain the knowledge to revitalize your body at the cellular level.
• Access the resources you need to be an active participant in your overall health and healing.

Price: $12.95

Haute Cacao: Creative Recipes for Dark Chocolate and Cacao Nibs

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Great healthy recipes from chocolate lovers around the world in this easy, instantly downloadable e-book. When you purchase you will receive instructions for downloading via email.

Price: $8.95

The Zen Mama's Book of Quotes- Book by Betsy McKee Henry

Giftsets & Books

The Zen Mama’s Book of Quotes, A Collection of Thoughts and Wisdom Throughout the Ages by Betsy McKee Henry

“The Zen Mama’s Book of Quotes is the ideal follow up to Betsy’s first book, How to be a Zen Mama.  It’s clever layout proves that Betsy is in fact a master of her own words of wisdom.  I actually felt happier as I read through her beautiful collection of quotes, ad they helped me remember how many times I’ve has to just let go, trust the unknown, and rely on inner strength.  The last chapter is also wonderfully fitting: Following your path.  It’s almost like a loving send-off as you put down the book and forge ahead into the creation of your own unique life.” -Julie Pech  (Owner of The Chocolate Therapist.

Price: $11.95

How to be a Zen Mama- Book by Betsy Mckee Henry

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How To Be A Zen Mama, 13 Ways To Stop Worrying , Let Go And Be Closer To Your Kids by Betsy McKee Henry

Zen Buddhists learn in life by studying lessons with a zen master.  If only young mothers could study with a zen mama master.  Read these lessons and you may just fid yourself closer to your kids.

“These are 13 excellent ideas for parenthood.  I think parents would love this.  Such a wonderful idea and beautifully expressed.” -Lowell McMullin (retired teacher)

“I especially enjoyed the Zen Stories at the end of each chapter and the quotes throughout the book.” -Scott Johnson (singer/songwriter)




Price: $11.95

Zen Tips- Book by Betsy McKee Henry

Giftsets & Books

Zen Tips, Daily Meditation for Happiness and Fulfillment from the Zen Mama by Betsy McKee Henry

“In a hectic world where people try to cram in as much as they can into their day, there is a desperate need for stress relief, and living the life we were meant to live peacefully and harmoniously.  Zen Tips provides that inspiration with beautiful visuals, quotes, and affirmations” -Vidya Sury ( Author, Going A-Musing)

Price: $11.95